Opportunities for Mission
Children & Youth Ministries 

Music Ministries
Opportunities for Adults
Ash Wednesday 
February 10

6:30 - 8:30 AM
Drop in time for Ashes and Communion

7:00 PM Worship Service

We are an 
Inclusive Faith Community
Sunday Schedule
9:00 AM Worship Service
10:00 AM Fellowship Time
10:15 Sunday School (for all ages)

No matter who you are
single or a family, gay or straight,
old or young, worship every week or
haven't been to church in years,
whatever your journey has be
when you walk in the door
                                                              YOU ARE WELCOME HERE

How Easy it is to  be a part of an
Inclusive Faith Community
 Come and discover a community 
seeking to grow in their faith.  
Come join us as we ask questions and grow together.  
Come to experience a community 
who accepts you for who you are 
and wherever you are on your faith journey.

We are ONE congregation affiliated with two denominations.


This Week at MC

Monday February 8
9:00 AM Low Impact Aerobics
9:45 AM Sit and Fit

Tuesday February 9
7:00 PM Theology with a Twist - Kutztown Tavern

Wednesday February 10
6:30-8:30 AM Drop in time for Ashes & Communion
7:30 AM Low Impact Aerobics
8:15 AM Sit and Fit
6:00 PM Chime Choir
7:00 PM Worship
8:00 PM Choir

Thursday February 11
1-5 PM Pastor in Office

Friday February 12
9:00 AM Low Impact Aerobics
9:45 AM Sit and Fit

Saturday February 13
9:30 AM Child Friendly Discussion Group
11:30 Jr Youth Group

Sunday February 14
Boy Scout Sunday
9:00 PM Worship
10:00 AM Fellowship
10:15 AM Sunday School
11:15 AM Youth Chimes
11:30 AM Confirmation Class

Upcoming Events 

Wed Feb 7 March 16
7:00 PM Worship

For more info see the Church  Calendar