Mission Ministries
Children & Youth Ministries
Opportunities for Adults
Music Ministries

Sunday May 8
Student Pastor Melissa's Last Day

Saturday May 21
7-11AM Buffet Breakfast
7AM - 1PM Flea Market
8AM - 12PM Blood Mobile
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We are an Inclusive Faith Community    

No matter who you are
single or a family, gay or straight,
old or young, worship every week or
haven't been to church in years,
whatever your journey has been
when you walk in the door



9:00 AM Worship
10:00 AM Fellowship
10:15 AM Sunday School
(for all ages)

How Easy it is to  be a part of an
Inclusive Faith Community
 Come and discover a community seeking to grow in their faith.  
Come join us as we ask questions and grow together.  
Come to experience a community who accepts you for who you are 
and wherever you are on your faith journey.

We are ONE congregation affiliated with two denominations.


This Week at MC

Monday May 2
9:00 AM Low Impact Aerobics
9:45 AM Sit and Fit
9AM - 1PM Secretary in Office
7:00 PM Patrol Ldr Mtg

Tuesday May 3
4:00 PM Overeaters Anon

Wednesday May 4
7:30 PM Low Impact Aerobics
8:15 PM Sit and Fit
9AM-1PM Secretary in Office
6:00 PM Chime Choir
7:00 PM Choir

Thursday May 5
6:30 PM Concert Choir
7:00 PM Boy Scouts

Friday May 6
9:00 PM Low Impact Aerobics
9 AM- 1PM Secretary in Office
9:45 PM Sit and Fit

Saturday May 7
9:30 AM Child Friendly Discussion Group

Sunday May 8
Pastor Melissa's Last Day
9:00 AM Worship/Baptism/ Mission Offering
10:00 AM Fellowship Time
10:15 AM Sunday School 
11:15 AM Youth Chimes
Upcoming Events 

Sunday May 15
Pentecost Sunday
9:00 AM Worship / Communion/ 1st Communion
10:00 AM Fellowship Time / New Members Meeting
10:15 AM Sunday School
11:15 AM Youth Chimes
11:30 AM Confirmation Class
Jr Youth Group