Collecting food for those going through tough times
Food will be delivered the next day so fresh food is welcome


How Easy it is
to  be a part of a
Faith Community

who accepts you for who you are!


9:00 AM Worship Service
10:00 AM Fellowship Time
10:15 AM Sunday School

Come and discover a community seeking to grow in their faith. 
Come join us as we ask questions and grow together.  
Come to experience a community who accepts you for who you are
and wherever you are on your faith journey.

Fleetwood CROP WALK 2014

This Week at MC

Monday October 6
9:00 AM Low Impact Aerobics
9:45 AM Sit & Fit Exercise
7:00 PM Discussion Group at the Wright's Home
Tuesday October 14
7:00 PM Theology with a Twist, Kutztown Tavern
Wednesday October 15
6:00 PM Chime Choir Practice
7:00 PM Choir Practice
Thursday October 16
7:30 AM Low Impact Aerobics
8:15 AM Sit & Fit
1-5 PM Pastor Sara in Office
6:30 PM MC Players Practice
7:00 PM Shared Board
Friday October 17
7:30 AM Low Impact Aerobics
8:15 AM Sit & Fit
Saturday October 18
4:30 PM Senior Dinner
Sunday October 19
Harvest Home

9:00 AM Worship / Collecting Food for members in need / King's Kids Sing
10:00 AM Fellowship Time / Apple Dumpling Pick Up
10:15 AM Sunday School - bring your cans of SOUP
11:15 AM Sr High Youth Grp
12:00 PM Jr Youth Group

Upcoming Events
Sunday October 26
9:00 AM Worship / Blessing Prayer Shawls
10:00 AM Sunday School
2:00 PM Stitch & Prayer
3:00 PM Service at Keystone Villa

For more info see the full church calender at