Ways to HELP

June Mission Offering
100% of your donation will go to help those effected by the tornadoes
through Lutheran Disaster Response

Personal Care Kit
    One hand towel measuring approximately 16" x 28"
    One washcloth     One wide-tooth comb
    One nail clipper      One bar of soap
    One toothbrush (in original packaging)
    Six standard size Band-Aids®
Place all items in a one-gallon plastic bag with a zipper closure.
Place completed kits in box in Narthex.
These kits are distributed at emergency shelters through Church World Services. 
Most of their on hand reserve for emergenies has been depleted by this disaster

Emergency Cleanup Bucket
    One five-gallon bucket with resealable lid
    Five scouring pads     Seven sponges, assorted sizes
    One scrub brush     Eighteen cleaning towels (reusable)
    One 50-78 oz. box dry laundry detergent
    One 12 oz. bottle of liquid concentrated household cleaner
    One 25 oz. bottle liquid disinfectant dish soap
    One package of 48-50 clothes pins    Clothesline, two 50 ft. or one 100 ft.
    Five dust masks      Two pairs latex gloves    One pair work gloves
    28-bag roll of heavy-duty trash bags (30-45 gallon)
    One 6-9 oz. bottle of insect repellent (not aerosol)
Please provide all liquids in new, unopened plastic bottles.  Place all items in the plastic bucket. 
Completed bucket kits are being stored at Seth Walizer’s State Farm Office
on 222 in strip mall across from Rita’s.

These bucket kits are needed. The CWS reserve for emergencies was low before this storm.

We will be collecting offerings and kits
through Sunday June 23

A printable PDF file is at the bottom of this page